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I just want to say something about this girl, Michelle.  

She is super amazingly sweet.  We met in line to meet Mary Costa at the first D23 in 2009 and became Facebook friends pretty soon after.  We don’t see each other often, but she is always the warmest, sweetest person to me every time I see her (and I’m guessing she’s like this with everyone she meets).  She’s also incredibly funny and talented.  

Basically, she’s just awesome and I wish I saw her more often because she’s just the sweetest!  

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Princess Leia on Flickr.

I hate the glamour makeup they have her wear.  Cause Leia is so not into it.  She was a tomboy.  She feels that other things are far more important than looks.   

Yes, I know she needs to have makeup on for all the pictures.  But the lipstick is too bright, the eyebrows too defined.  Too much eyeliner on top. I understand that she can’t be completely natural in this situation, but you can do natural makeup that looks natural. 


Dear tumblr, I have a confession:  I have such a serious crush on the artwork from this Tokyo Disneyland Resort collection. 

Many weeks ago, a friend in Japan sent me a flyer boasting a new collection featuring beautiful flowing artwork of my favorite princess, exclusively available at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  It was instant love.  She said she’d keep her eyes peeled, and one fateful morning I got a text message of shelves of the beautiful product all lined up on display in Disneyland, and I had to control myself.  I asked for the tote bag and the cosmetics case to start, and would try to get more later. 

More recently, I’ve learned that product flows so quickly through TDR and oftentimes does not get restocked.  Or, if it does get restocked, it’s random and erratic.  I was disappointed, as I still wanted a few more pieces from this collection, but was able to secure the chained pass case at a reasonable price.  Now I’m just looking for the parasol and I’ll be a happy camper. 

This collection is the perfect spring/summer line.  The fabric is lightweight and pastel and I just love the random embroidered details.  The little silk flowers are sweet, but what really steals the show is the beautiful metallic gold print of Rapunzel leaning out her window, accompanied by Pascal.  The back of each piece features the “Rapunzel” logo, and I really love that the “l” is her tower.  Oh Japan.  You know how to merchandise.  

Both tote bag and cosmetics case are a good size - definitely enough room for my necessities.  My only real concern with this set is carrying it around and potentially dealing with stains.  My OCD is real and rampant with my Tangled collection. 

Rapunzel Tote, Cosmetics Case and Pass Case
Tokyo Disneyland Resort
MSRP:  3,600 yen (tote), 1,800 yen (cosmetics case), Unsure (pass case)

I have the tote and the makeup bag and I’m afraid to use them and get them dirty -_-

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