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I don’t want to be an emo little bitch.

But I feel like everyone I know either:

1. Is at comic con right now

2. Is on some other vacation right now

3. Has gone on some exciting vacation (like to Japan) this year

4. Is just having things a lot more fun and easy than me.

I work every day, either sewing, doing parties, prepping for parties and such, I don’t have weekends.  It probably seems like I should have tons of money, but I really don’t make much.  I make enough to get by and pay all my bills and stuff, but not enough to save for a trip or something.  It’s frustrating, but part of life.  I can’t really make people give me more parties or sewing work.  

I just want to have a break and have fun and not worry about money for a while.  That would just be amazing.  

I just want to say something about this girl, Michelle.  

She is super amazingly sweet.  We met in line to meet Mary Costa at the first D23 in 2009 and became Facebook friends pretty soon after.  We don’t see each other often, but she is always the warmest, sweetest person to me every time I see her (and I’m guessing she’s like this with everyone she meets).  She’s also incredibly funny and talented.  

Basically, she’s just awesome and I wish I saw her more often because she’s just the sweetest!  

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