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Did someone had already noticed this? That they are wearing the same dress?





Because I’ve been waiting for this for so long till I get tired and went to search those Narnia screencaps by myself

While similar, they’re not the same.  I’ve made both.  

Susan’s has a blue silk lining that shows only at the sleeve slashes and the notch in the front.  Merida’s is technically a full underdress/shift with the green dress over it, and it shows at the neckline, wrist, elbow slashes and shoulder slashes.  Also Susan’s has embroidery at the neckline and wrists. 

Stuff only costumers notice.  

I was sewing tonight and literally thought it was like midnight and it was 3 am.  

Well, at least I got the base of this costume done.  Now onto the insane amount of detail.

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