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Yay princesses! And queen. And spiderman lol!

Wow I look short lol I’m so used to feeling like a giant!  But I think the Belle and Cindy were wearing heels and I wasn’t.  

We are actually pretty tall to begin with I’m 5’8 and my sister is 5’9 and no heels were worn mostly cause it was the last day and we were all fuck it lets wear sneakers since we are wearing poofy ball gowns lol xD

Also you are such a FABULOUS Elsa work it girlllll 

Haha ok you guys are already a few inches taller than me XD  I wasn’t wearing heels because my feet hurt so much already I was like, nah, I’ll just wear flats even though the dress is kinda too long without heels lol.

Thanks you guys looked awesome too!  It was good seeing you all weekend!

Also btw at the moment my meds are super screwed up and I’m pretty much so depressed that I wish I was dead and my doctor is out of town for a week so I can’t do anything right now and so ya.

Sorry for craziness because im messed up in the head right now.

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